Bayyinah Dream Worldwide
Copenhagen - Dallas - Toronto
Ustadh Nouman will spend the first 10 days in person with all the students in Copenhagen going over the hardest part of the curriculum, the foundation. 
Students will then transition to a 5 months online course to continue their learning of advance nahw (grammar), sarf (morphology) and balagha (rhetoric) with Ustadh Nouman with plenty of opportunities for live engagement and questions.

Finally, Ustadh Nouman will teach a 5-night intensive so that students are clear on what to do after Dream Worldwide. 
I imagine you wish the same way I once did that you knew the language of the Quran. You probably see the same hurdles before you too. Traveling abroad isn’t an option. Dropping everything and studying full time isn’t an option. Just getting by with translation when there is clearly so much more to His direct words isn’t an option. I humbly offer you a solution that I wish was in place when I was struggling to learn. Allow me to teach you Quranic Arabic through a doable, thorough and affordable program I’ve developed and plan to teach around the world. It's called Dream Worldwide because it was my dream to learn and I’m convinced it is yours, too. Join me in Copenhagen this summer and let’s start this journey together.
-- Nouman Ali Khan
All foundational components of Classical Arabic are taught up front instead of being spread out over the entire period of the course. This minimizes the inability to distinguish between fundamental knowledge and what is built on top of it. 

Concepts are more important than terminology. It is essential that the concepts are taught without an over emphasis on the terms that label it.

Clear explanation of how each learning objective is going to further your understanding of the Quran.
Each theory is taught with ample examples of application so no concept remains abstract.

Students are given extensive opportunity to engage in interactive learning, to discuss questions and exercises with each other and the teacher.
Tests take place to identify unique opportunities for improvement. Many students who get a 100% end up forgetting what they learned. With the Bayyinah method, students and teachers work together to improve individual areas for further development.
July 13 to 22 (then 5 months online)
6:00pm to 11:00pm weekdays
10am to 3pm weekends
July 27 to Aug 5 (then 5 months online)
6:00pm to 11:00pm weekdays
10am to 3pm weekends
Aug 10 to Aug 19 (then 5 months online)
6:00pm to 11:00pm
Royal Danish Library
The Black Diamond (Den Sorte Diamant - Dronningesalen)
Søren Kierkegaards Plads 1
1221 København K
1701 W Euless Blvd, Euless TX 76040
University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM)
CCT Building - Lecture Hall CC1080
The fundamentals of Nahw
Nahw is is the study of the way words in the Arabic language work together to form meaningful language. In short you can say it’s Arabic grammar. In this unit students gain the most foundational knowledge of Arabic grammar and morphology that paves the way for all further study of Arabic. This is the most important component of the Dream program. Students will learn the grammatical characteristics of nouns, verbs, prepositions, fragmented phrases and basic complete sentences.
The fundamentals of Sarf
Sarf is the study of morphology. That means it is the study of how the spellings of words impact what they mean in Arabic. In this unit students gain foundational knowledge of the system of Arabic morphology as it is broken into verb patterns and families. This knowledge will then help students acquire vocabulary at an exponentially faster rate and also sharpen their ability to decipher meanings of individual words based on their spelling patterns.
Advanced Sarf
This unit consists of the study of irregular verb and noun conjugations, the implications of complex conjugations and the meanings behind the patterns of Arabic spellings.
Advanced Nahw
This unit includes the study of advanced sentence structure, complex fragments, issues in translation, multiple grammatical ways of looking at the same ayaat and the impact of each on translation and the science of I’rab (grammatical analysis).
Balagha means rhetoric. It is the study of the powerful tools in the language that a speaker uses to have deep impact on his or her listeners. This unit utilizes Bayyinah’s unique method of teaching the classical science of Arabic rhetoric in an applied fashion. Examples used are either every day speech or Qur’an. Students gain a literary and linguistic appreciation of the Qur’an’s artistic style.
Surah Al-Baqarah Translation
This course is the fruit of all previous labor. It is a walkthrough of all of surat al baqarah analyzing all of the nahw, sarf and balaghah previously studied so students have deep applied knowledge of their Arabic learning through the largest sura of the Qur’an.